3 Things Not To Do When Moving Your Piano Yourself

If you are moving with the help of family and friends, you may wonder if there is anything you need to know about moving your piano without damaging it. If so, consider the three things below that you should not do while trying to move your large instrument. Don't Forget Use Packing Inside The strings inside your piano are fragile and sensitive to pressure and movement. While you are moving the piano, there is a chance that they could stretch or bumps could knock them out of tune, leading to a costly tuning bill. Read More 

Tips For Overcoming Common Challenges Of Long-Distance Moves

Moving down the street is a lot of work, but moving to a new city and state is a lot harder. In fact, you will most likely encounter a lot of different challenges when preparing for a long-distance move. One of the challenges you may have is getting things ready at your new home so you are prepared for the moving truck to arrive with your things. Here are some tips to help you overcome this common challenge associated with long-distance moves. Read More 

4 Organizational Tips For Your First Deployment As A Single Soldier

Getting ready to deploy can be intimidating for any soldier, but even more so if you're new to the military and don't have a spouse back home to hold down the fort. One way to take control of your situation and eliminate stress is to make sure you get your life organized before you deploy. This will ensure that you spend your deployment focused on your job instead of tasks back home that you forgot to take care of. Read More 

Tips For Storing Toys And Other Baby Items Property In A Storage Unit

If you have a young child and are hoping to have another one in a few years, you may have the need to pack up some of your child's baby items to store for use later on. Renting a storage unit for this purpose is a great solution. Here are some tips to help you properly store items baby clothes, toys, and furniture in a storage unit. Clothing Reusing baby clothes is a great way to save money if you have a second or third child, but baby clothes can also take up a lot of space. Read More 

Make Your Move More Convenient And Less Stressful On The Whole Family

Moving your family to a new neighborhood is likely to be an exciting experience overall, but the process of moving may also produce feelings of stress and uneasiness, especially as the official moving date gets nearer. While you and your spouse might be worried about all the logistical and financial aspects of moving, the kids may experience some separation anxiety and decreased self-esteem because they're leaving familiar people and surroundings behind. Read More