4 Factors Every Company Should Consider Before Commercial Storage

As your company keeps growing and evolving, you may realize that you need additional storage space temporarily or for an extended period. This helps keep your office space decluttered so you can run your business smoothly. 

But before you look for commercial storage space for your extra equipment, vital documents, and supplies, or storage solution as you move to another premise, you'll need to learn a few things to make smart decisions. Here are important factors to consider.


The security of the storage facility should be your topmost priority. After all, you don't want to lose your documents, equipment, or any other important item you choose to keep in the storage unit. 

Consider selecting a company that has invested in high-quality security features like a 24/7 surveillance system, perimeter wall and operated gate, quality unit doors, alarm systems, good lighting, and so on. You should only make the final decision if you feel confident that you are leaving your sensitive and valuable items in a safe place. 


Another aspect to consider is the size of the unit. Generally, you are supposed to select a unit that's large enough to fit all your company items. So, before you make a choice, identify the objects you will store. This can be the extra office furniture laying around, old but essential paperwork that cannot fit in the office cabinets, new stock, or other supplies your company needs. The more the items, the larger the unit you'll need. Don't forget to get a larger unit if you expect to store more items soon to avoid paying for two units.

Climate Control

Most of the items company's keep in a storage unit can be damaged if stored in a standard storage unit. The temperature variations in such units lead to problems like rusting, cracking, warping, or molding. 

So, make sure you go for a climate-controlled unit if you want your company items to remain in pristine condition during storage. These units are usually maintained at an optimal temperature regardless of the climatic conditions outdoors, preventing degradation or damages that occur due to excess heat, dust, cold, and humidity.

Some commercial items that must be kept in a climate-controlled unit include essential company documents, furniture (especially metal, leather, upholstery, or wood), all kinds of electronics (extra PCs, laptops, printers), and specialist equipment.


In most cases, the commercial items placed in storage may be needed from time to time. You want to choose a storage facility near your business premises to make it easier to store more items or retrieve them. This will save time, reduce costs, and boost work efficiency.