3 Commonly Overlooked Services That Moving Companies Have To Offer

Many people assume that moving companies simply offer traditional moving services. These traditional services include loading your belongings, transporting them to a new location, and then unloading the moving truck. While these services are the companies' most commonly hired services, they are far from the only services that movers can offer. Here are three commonly overlooked moving services:

Packing Your Belongings

Many people find packing to be the worst part of moving. After all, packing everything in your home can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious. This is why many moving companies offer packing services. These services often include providing all of the materials needed to pack your belongings as well as having professional movers do the packing for you. In many cases, a moving company will be able to pack your home in a single day. This can be extremely beneficial even if you do not plan to use a moving company to transport your items, since it will allow you to get the packing done faster and ensure that all of your items are packed properly in order to protect them from damage. 

You may also want to consider hiring professionals to pack them for you when you move some of your belongings to a storage facility. Improperly packed items can be damaged during moving or storage. A professional team will know how to pack your belongings securely. 

Loading or Unloading Your Own Moving Truck

You may think that choosing to rent your own moving truck means that you have to do all of the loading and unloading yourself. However, this is not the case. Just because you have chosen to transport your items yourself does not mean that you cannot get help with all the heavy lifting. Most moving companies will offer load or unload only services. So, you can hire professional movers to load or unload your truck without hiring them to transport your items. 

Moving Items Within Your Home Or Office

Moving something does not always mean relocating it to a new address. In some cases, you may simply need to move an item from one spot in your home or office to another. While this may sound like a very simple task, it can become considerably more difficult if the item you need to move is very large or heavy. For instance, moving a piano or a quality safe can be difficult even if you are only moving it a very short distance. In these situations, a moving company, like Du Frane Moving & Storage, will be able to offer the assistance you need.