Make Your Move More Convenient And Less Stressful On The Whole Family

Moving your family to a new neighborhood is likely to be an exciting experience overall, but the process of moving may also produce feelings of stress and uneasiness, especially as the official moving date gets nearer. While you and your spouse might be worried about all the logistical and financial aspects of moving, the kids may experience some separation anxiety and decreased self-esteem because they're leaving familiar people and surroundings behind. With help from the following tips and tricks, you should be able to make your move less stressful and more convenient for everyone involved:

Schedule Short Packing Sessions

Instead of having your movers pack all of your belongings in one or two days, consider scheduling short sessions of two to four hours in length each day during the week leading up to your move. This will allow you to schedule sessions while the kids are in school or when the entire family is out of the house watching a movie. You and your family will be able to avoid much of the moving commotion – and the movers may be able to work faster without your family underfoot, which may save you some money on packing expenses overall.

Color Code Your Boxes

Ask your movers to drop some boxes off or gather the boxes you need and color code them before the movers show up to pack stuff. Color coding your boxes will ensure that everything is packed with similar items so that it's easy to find once everything is dropped off at your new home. Use small circular stickers or permanent markers to code your boxes. You can put yellow stickers on all the kitchen boxes, green ink on the bathroom boxes, and blue markings on the bedroom stuff so you know where to find things you need as you settle into your new place. Provide your movers with a list of rooms and their corresponding colors so they know what to pack in each box.

Get the Kids Involved

To make the kids feel like they have some control over their experience throughout the move, get them involved in the planning and packing process. If you're having a yard sale to get rid of things you don't want to take along, let them help sell stuff and keep a portion of the proceeds. Ask them to pack their own rooms so they know exactly where and how their things are being transported. Make planning and packing fun by playing games while completing tasks. Games like 20 Questions and I Spy can be played while everyone is busy working, which will help make the time pass quickly and create a sense of camaraderie among everyone in the household.

Visit the New Place Early

Visiting the new neighborhood before moving can help make it easier for everyone in the family to acclimate once you are all settling into your new home. Take each of your children to visit their new schools during lunch time so they can get a head start on making new friends and you have a chance to get to know their teachers. Have a family picnic in the park and take a stroll around the block of your new home to learn more about the neighborhood and its inhabitants. It's also a good idea to visit the stores, health centers, and other locations such as the library and mall before your move, so you know exactly where they all are and how to get there easily from your new home.

These methods and techniques should help take some of the overall pressure off your household before, during, and after your big move.  For more tips, contact a local moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc