3 Things Not To Do When Moving Your Piano Yourself

If you are moving with the help of family and friends, you may wonder if there is anything you need to know about moving your piano without damaging it. If so, consider the three things below that you should not do while trying to move your large instrument.

Don't Forget Use Packing Inside

The strings inside your piano are fragile and sensitive to pressure and movement. While you are moving the piano, there is a chance that they could stretch or bumps could knock them out of tune, leading to a costly tuning bill.

To minimize the impact of the move, pack the inside to keep the strings from vibrating. A soft comforter or pillows could help by placing them gently on the strings, creating layers until the packing is slightly higher than the lid. Then, push them down so you can close the lid, and securely lock it.

Don't Use Ordinary Straps To Secure It

Whether you are securing the piano to a dolly or a board, do not use ordinary furniture straps. While these straps may be adequate to attach a chair or a table, they are too thin and flimsy for a heavy piano. If the piano shifts even slightly, it could break a regular strap, making your expensive piano crash to the ground and break.

When moving your piano, use heavy straps either designed for appliances or those specially designed for pianos. If you are unsure of where to get them, you may want to ask your local moving company. They may be able to point you in the right direction or even provide them for you.

Don't Try To Balance It On Stairs

If you are moving your piano down a flight of stairs, you may be tempted to balance it on the top step, then ease it down the stairs. While this may work with other large pieces of furniture, you should avoid doing this with your piano.

Because of the extreme weight of the instrument, trying to balance it on the step could crack or warp the frame. If this were to happen, the strings and hammers inside may become misaligned. Without extensive repairs, your piano would most likely never sound right again.

Learning what not to do while moving your piano can help you keep from damaging it. However, if you are still concerned about trying to move it yourself, you may want to contact a moving company that specializes in piano moving to discuss your options for having them do it for you.