A Few Tips For Finding A Great Storage Unit

Putting your items in long term storage can be a bit of a nerve racking event. You want to know if your belongings are going to be safe and that nothing will happen to them. The good news is that most storage facilities are great at what they do. However, there are a few different aspects that you want to check for in your potential storage unit. Here are just a few of the most important aspects of a storage unit. 

Climate Control

If you are going to be storing electronics of any sort in your storage unit, it is very important that you get a storage unit that maintains a constant temperature. If the unit allows for freeze thaw cycles, the components in electronics will continually expand and contract. When this occurs the components can actually become brittle and break. So, you may not have a functioning electronic anymore. So, find a storage facility that is inside and that regulates the temperature so there are no freeze thaw cycles. The temperature does not need to be a constant cool or warm temperature, it just needs to remain relatively constant.

Pest Control

A major problem in the basement or the attic of a home is bugs and rodents . The little insects and beasts can get into a home and cause a lot of havoc. If bugs or rodents are able to get into the storage unit, you may find that your belongings are ruined. The good news is that most storage facilities understand the potential danger of pests, so they actually spray for pests. Pest control services are very important for a good storage facility. Talk to the facility manager and find out the preventative measures that are being taken to keep insects ad rodents out of the storage unit. 

Water Damage 

Water in the wrong place can do a lot of damage, and you do not want your items to be in any water. Look for a storage unit that is off the ground preferably. If the concrete slab that your storage unit is on, actually is raised then you have some flood protection. If you are on the second floor of a storage facility then you also have water protection. You still want to inspect the unit for any type of water leak. Silicone sticks should be used inside storage units as well. The silicone stick will absorb any condensation and keep your belongings dry. 

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