3 Things To Do To Prepare To Move Your Gun Safe

When you are in the middle of moving, most things can be packed up and hauled by professional movers to your next place. However, there are certain items that will require special attention and handling, and a gun safe is one of those things. Professional movers can differ on how they prefer to handle such a unique piece, but there are general guidelines that you can expect to be required. Knowing these general guidelines in advance can help you get prepared for your gun safe move. Here is a look at some of the things to do beforehand if you are hiring someone to move a gun safe for you. 

Make sure all firearms in the safe are properly unloaded. 

Guns that are loaded should not be transported with ammo in their chambers. It is dangerous if the gun shifts around during transit and is also a safety concern if a mover were to have an accident. Before the move, go through each firearm you have and make sure they are all fully unloaded. As an extra cautionary measure, it is also a good idea to put all the safety switches on and ensure trigger locks are in place before locking up the safe. 

Gather all the paperwork on your firearms. 

In order to legally transport all of your firearms safely, the professional gun safe moving service will need to see the paperwork on your firearms to make sure they are legally registered to you. Some companies may also require you to sign documents stating it is OK for the company to transport your firearms and hold them in their possession until they get the safe delivered. In the event the movers get stopped during the transport of your safe, these documents will be important to prove they are legally allowed to carry the firearms. 

Remove all ammunition from the gun safe. 

It is usually recommended to remove all ammunition from your gun safe before you transport it as a matter of safety. Therefore, before you schedule a move, go ahead and take out any ammunition you have stored in the safe. It is a common misconception that most movers prefer that only loose ammo be removed, but it is actually not a matter of whether the ammo is packaged or loose. All of it should be removed and transported in a separate container. Some movers will actually prohibit the transport of any ammo at all.