Three Things You Should Pack First For An Office Move

It can be a challenge to pack up your office and relocate to a new location. One of the main reasons for this is that you need to remain operational as close to the date of the move as possible. Some businesses may even try to remain operational through the entire move. One of the most effective ways to move with minimal disruptions is to know what you should pack and when. Here are three things that you can safely pack first without disrupting your operations.

Office Décor

The first thing that you should pack from the office is decorative items that don't serve a function in the day-to-day operations of the business. This should include anything like wall art, statues, plaques, awards, trophies, certificates, and the like. Most of these items will need to be wrapped in bubble wrap before they are placed into a box. If you are packing a framed item, make sure to tape an "X" over the glass, as this will help to prevent pieces of glass from going everywhere in the event of breakage. Don't forget to label these boxes "Fragile."


Since books are unlikely to be used near the day of the move, it is safe to go ahead and pack them up. Due to the fact that books can get pretty heavy when they are packed in bulk, you should pack them in smaller boxes so you are not tempted to pack too many in one large box. When packing the books, lay them so that the spines are facing the bottom of the box or lay them flat. Do your best to pack the same size books in the same box so that you aren't trying to fill empty space. Old and expensive books should be wrapped in bubble wrap.


Modern offices tend to hold business records in filing cabinets. More often than not, these files are not needed to run a business on a daily basis. If these records are kept in hanging files, then it will be incredibly easy to move them over into filing boxes. However, even if the records are not stored in hanging files, it won't be very difficult to transfer them. When packing, though, make sure that the papers are stacked vertically. In doing so, you can prevent the records from sliding around during the move and causing disorganization when you unpack at the new office. Fill the box as much as you can to minimize shifting during transport.

For more information about what should be packed and when, contact a moving company in your area.