Advantages Of A Climate-Controlled Storage Facility When Relocating To A Smaller House

When you find yourself in a position that mandates you to downsize to a smaller house, you could be filled with dread at the thought of having to sell a majority of your belongings. But this is not the only solution available to you. Instead, you should consider leasing out a unit in a climate-controlled storage facility to store the extra belongings.

You could be thinking that this type of facility is only intended for fragile items, such as sensitive documents, but you would be mistaken. The reality is that as long as you do not know how long it will take for you to move back into a bigger space, this option would be your best bet for several reasons. Keep reading for a few of the advantages of using a climate-controlled storage facility when relocating to a smaller house.

Climate-controlled storage facilities mitigate the risk of excessive humidity

When looking around for the right private storage facility for your needs, you are likely prioritizing how much the unit can accommodate. Hence, moisture is probably the last thing on your mind. Yet, in the summer, these spaces are just as vulnerable to humidity as your home is. And once humidity sets in, it creates a damp environment, which functions as a suitable habitat for mold, mildew, and more.

The higher the humidity, the higher the risk that the microbes will breed on upholstery, clothes, carpets, and so on. So when the time comes for you to get your items out of storage, you will be transferring the fungal infestation into your new home and putting your respiratory health and that of your loved ones at risk. The excessive moisture can also cause irreparable damage to metallic and wooden belongings. A climate-controlled unit does not present this hazard as the humidity levels are constantly regulated.

Climate-controlled storage facilities filter and circulate the air

While the economical price of standard storage solutions is alluring, you should know that it does come at a cost. And the second drawback of these units is that the air does not circulate, as there is no HVAC system to keep it in motion. Consequently, the longer your belongings stay in storage, the higher the likelihood is of them collecting multiple layers of dirt since the particles in the air collect on their surface.

If items, such as mattresses, towels, and pillows, are not cleaned in good time, they will acquire permanent stains. It is also worth mentioning that when the air in a room stays still for a long time, the space starts to smell musty, and this stench will transfer onto your items. Climate-controlled units are your best bet, as these storage facilities are outfitted with HVAC systems that not only filter the air but circulate it too. Thus, the space smells fresh and your belongings remain clean.