A Few Tips For Finding A Great Storage Unit

Putting your items in long term storage can be a bit of a nerve racking event. You want to know if your belongings are going to be safe and that nothing will happen to them. The good news is that most storage facilities are great at what they do. However, there are a few different aspects that you want to check for in your potential storage unit. Here are just a few of the most important aspects of a storage unit. Read More 

3 Things Not To Do When Moving Your Piano Yourself

If you are moving with the help of family and friends, you may wonder if there is anything you need to know about moving your piano without damaging it. If so, consider the three things below that you should not do while trying to move your large instrument. Don't Forget Use Packing Inside The strings inside your piano are fragile and sensitive to pressure and movement. While you are moving the piano, there is a chance that they could stretch or bumps could knock them out of tune, leading to a costly tuning bill. Read More 

Tips For Overcoming Common Challenges Of Long-Distance Moves

Moving down the street is a lot of work, but moving to a new city and state is a lot harder. In fact, you will most likely encounter a lot of different challenges when preparing for a long-distance move. One of the challenges you may have is getting things ready at your new home so you are prepared for the moving truck to arrive with your things. Here are some tips to help you overcome this common challenge associated with long-distance moves. Read More